Dancewear from Dance Gear Direct

When it comes to putting on a show, professional theatres have access to a huge production budget but smaller schools and academies often have more limited resources. For these shows, Dance Gear Direct is able to provide an excellent choice of make-to-order dancewear in over 70 stunning fabrics. Here are some great ideas on how to use them.

When designing a costume, the first element to consider is colour as this is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to directly affect the emotion of the audience. Unlike most dancewear retailers that offer a fairly limited range of colours, Dance Gear Direct offers a make-to-order range so you can choose from over 70 different fabrics. Blue colours create a cool feeling whereas oranges and reds create the feeling of warmth. Colours can also be highly symbolic such as green for envy, and red for anger.

Yet fabrics need not be limited to only colours. Dance Gear Direct offers a wide range of printed fabrics such as the highly popular flo stripe. This is a high quality black Nylon Lycra onto which are printed vibrant blue, yellow, red, fluorescent green and fluorescent pink stripes. It looks especially great when used on the legs of the Dance Gear Chicago Catsuit which starts at just £13.50 for a child size.

Dance Gear Direct are experts in providing make-to-order dancewear as well as dancewear and accessories from popular brands such as Roch Valley, Bloch and Capezio. Sign up to our free fortnightly newsletter to receive fortnightly discount codes, competitions and special offers. For more information, visit www.dancegeardirect.co.uk.